This blog started as a week-by-week look at our lives in 2010 (hence the address) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now, with the closing of my other blog, from-russia, I've decided to extend this blog to cover 2011 as well (despite the address--which really bugs me now that it's inaccurate).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011, week twelve

Why do all the second grade girls have their hair up? L-i-c-e. Fortunately, no one else--including Lexi and me--got it.

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  1. I was just hearing a report on Science Friday (NPR) that lice is WAY over-reported. An expert in lice, said that for quite some period of time he chased around from school to school trying to actually gather lice for an experiment, and at school after school, where lice were reported, on children reportedly lousey - there were no lice. That was comforting. Funny how even the WORD can make you itch all over, SURE you have it.