This blog started as a week-by-week look at our lives in 2010 (hence the address) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now, with the closing of my other blog, from-russia, I've decided to extend this blog to cover 2011 as well (despite the address--which really bugs me now that it's inaccurate).

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011, week three

The car is not available, again, so we went to the new Stokmann's on the metro and took a cab home. Look what we found! Very. exciting.

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011, week two

Came to bed and found this little person sleeping in my bed with the lights on.

(Note the stash of bedside medications--and tissues.)

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011, week one

Not a good sign.

When I pulled up to deliver Christmas gifts, I saw this--the new glassblock wall with lots of blocks destroyed. It was a sign of what was to come--I learned the orphanage would be closing in June, the children scattered across the region, and my two dearest girls, the big sisters, both had taken tragic turns on their life paths. One, who is now in an orphanage far away, has become a smoker and "an alcoholic". The other, who is the kindest, gentlest, most empathetic soul I know, had been adopted along with her sister. She's been returned to the orphanage. Without her sister.

The girls who were there that day (only one of the original 3.10 girls, actually) were not in the least bit interested in visiting. They were...harder.

Their wonderful caretaker, who will soon be out of a job, told me about her husband. He recently had open-heart surgery and will be an invalid for the rest of his life. This man built a sauna at their dacha and wanted me to come visit. And now...he can't get out of bed. And his wife will shortly be out of work. And fewer children will be known and loved because of that.

The oldest of my girls from 3.10 are now 15 years old...and have only one more year before they're pushed out into the world. I'd bet that was why they're hardening their shells, not wanting to visit, smoking and drinking.

My heart just broke. Again. And I felt utterly defeated.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Did you miss it down there in week 51? Here are the pix from our trip to Lapland: