This blog started as a week-by-week look at our lives in 2010 (hence the address) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now, with the closing of my other blog, from-russia, I've decided to extend this blog to cover 2011 as well (despite the address--which really bugs me now that it's inaccurate).

Friday, December 31, 2010

week fifty-two!

We ended the year SICK. Sick, sick, sick. A photo of the humidifier would be more appropriate. Or tissues. Or the bathroom...

Instead is here Christmas eve (store-bought cookies testify to our ill-health) and one from Christmas morning. (I know Christmas eve is really still in week fifty-one...but only by a couple of hours.)

There's nice symmetry in this last picture. The photo in this first post can be seen on the toy bins here. Nice, huh? [I was thinking there was too much visual clutter in this photo, but there only two from which to choose. Later, I realized that this linked the beginning and end of 2010's photos and it seemed kismetal. (That should be a word.)]


  1. I am proud of your completion of this project! I pooped out around August...

  2. why closing the other blog? Confused.