This blog started as a week-by-week look at our lives in 2010 (hence the address) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now, with the closing of my other blog, from-russia, I've decided to extend this blog to cover 2011 as well (despite the address--which really bugs me now that it's inaccurate).

Sunday, February 28, 2010

week eight

When we were walking home from dropping off our car, I spotted a pair of jeans and a hat sitting on top of the snow. This was unsettling. The jeans were new. The day was cold. Where was the person who was meant to be in them? It was a bit like when you find one shoe on the highway. Why only one? And who lost it?

Two days later we were walking to pick up our car and saw this--the jeans now covered in a light layer of snow. This was more sad than unsettling, more final, more hopeless.

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  1. One time I took Lydia to a playground early on a Saturday morning. Here was a shirt. There a skirt....I saw more and more clothing.... There was clothing strewn all over that little children's park. What's more - it was all in MY SIZE! Not everything was my style, but quite a few things were. I hardly knew what to do. I gathered it all up. We stayed there for a couple of hours. No one came by. Eventually I left it in a pile. Later that night I came by again - there was the pile. Well, I took what I wanted and wore some of the items for years.