This blog started as a week-by-week look at our lives in 2010 (hence the address) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now, with the closing of my other blog, from-russia, I've decided to extend this blog to cover 2011 as well (despite the address--which really bugs me now that it's inaccurate).

Friday, January 15, 2010

week two

The snow continues...

An atypical clear sky, killer icicles, mounds of dirty, frozen snow, and icy, slushy mess underfoot are pictured here.

runners up:

Very. fat. little birds in the tree. (Birds and cats are fed by the populace in an attempt, I'm told, to repay them for eating them during the seige.)

Lexi clearing snow from a favorite statue. We went here for lunch because she loves him (James Cook) and got taken. $20 for two 7-ups. And, the waitress forgot to box Lexi's leftovers and went and got them out of the trash and presented them to us. I made a great big noisy fuss (no one else there, so didn't really matter) about how disgusting that was and we left. (Without them, of course. As it's Russia, land of no-customer-service, not even an apology was extended.) So, not a very exciting photo, but it does have a story.


  1. $20 for two sodas! Yikes! I agree with you about how disgusting that was to retrieve Lexi's leftovers from the trash. Here at home the restaurant would have given you a free meal.

    I know what you mean about killer icles, snow and brown slush as I saw it in Moscow.

    I did not know that citizens feed the cats and birds to repay them.

  2. love these photos, but I have to put on another sweater just looking at them.... brrrr. kind of sweet that they overfeed the cats and birds now to make up for sins of the past.

  3. My son used to work in a don't want to know what happens behind the scenes to leftovers here in the USA. I don't take them anymore unless I can box them myself!!